Micro Electric International is a Sri Lankan family-owned electrical products and accessories company, founded by Dhammika Samarawickrama. At present, we supply our products globally and domestically, successfully completing 27 years, and are proud to highlight that we are a company that is built on firm grounds with financial stability and a broader knowledge at an international level.
Like in every successful organization, we have designed a vision and mission to operate as an effective and efficient firm. The company’s vision and mission are two primary elements, resulting in its success so far.

“To be the best locally, providing quality, safety, and innovative integrated solutions for consumer needs.”

“Ensure consistent and superior manufacturing & trading while delighting the customers through quality, safety, and innovative electrical products and accessories.”

Initially known as Micro Enterprises, we believed and still believe in gradual and stable growth. Over the years as we expanded, we renamed the company Micro Electric International Pvt Ltd in the year 2018, catering to the local and international markets. With our slow, but sure growth, we were recognized and trusted by our clientele for putting “Quality and Safety” as our top priorities. Here, at Micro Electric International Pvt Ltd, working towards our vision and mission is simply implemented by investing in what is right.

Human Resources
Accommodating over 350 well-trained employees, we believe that “People make the Business Entity.” Thus, taking proper care of employees, nurturing them, assisting them to achieve their personal objectives. This way employees are motivated to give back to the organization, making them competent.

Production Process
Our production process begins with the procurement of supplies, where raw materials are sourced from environmentally-friendly suppliers, supplying eco-friendly materials. Assurance of putting the environment above all is guaranteed. Our manufacturing process has a state-of-the-art facility, combined with a renowned industrial house and experts in this field of work. We use contemporary and environmentally friendly technology and equipment in our production, not to forget compliance with every essential state regulation,  ISO 9001 and SLS, to provide our clients, top-grade products.