Introducing under the brand Divolca, is our collection of holders to fit both the industrial and domestic needs. Divolca Holders, a multi-faceted high quality made in Sri Lanka product. Micro Electric International puts innovation first, and we assure that we never go out of style. We align our products, and product ranges with every new update of the market. With our state of art fabrication facility, integrated with the renowned industrial house, the expertise, experience and the expertise of our production workers, we have always had the competitive advantage in manufacturing and supplying top-notch products to our valued clientele. The holders range from lamp holder (Black), lamp holder (White), pendent super holder, pendent super holder – new, batten holder (White), batten holder (Black), angle batten holder (White), angle batten holder (Black), jumbo batten holder (White) – new, jumbo angle batten holder (White) – new, E27 pendent holder, E27 batten holder and the E27 angle batten holder.

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